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Welcome to our DOOM Pages! Here you will find information about all of the WADs we have made sofar, as well as links to download them.

We invite you to download S*T*R*A*I*N, a full DOOM II TC, with crazy new monsters, powerful new weapons, eery music and many more cool stuff. Get it now, and your life will never be the same...!

Use the "DOOM bar" at the left to jump to information about our WAD files:
Eternity ("God, your episode kicks %^&#@$...."),
Infinity ("You've truly mastered the art of visual design and creation of atmosphere."), and
Sersound (a WAD replacing almost all sounds of DOOM).
All these WADs are for DOOM I, and were mainly created by Holger Nathrath, whereas I did the play-testing, texture alignment and all that kind of stuff.

Trydent ("This thing is jam-packed with clever ideas!") is a single level WAD for DOOM II, and Arachna ("there's probably a hole forming at where it's saved on my hard drive") is a single level WAD that has been released for both DOOM I as well as DOOM II.
Here I did all the editing work and Holger Nathrath has done some play-testing and has made some valuable suggestions.


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