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7.3Information about the author

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The author is twenty-five years old, and is currently working at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in the Netherlands. At this IT company he is doing projects in the fields of Internet/intranet, Information Filtering, and Information Push/Pull.1

Since he started working on his academic end thesis on (Intelligent) Software Agents on the Internet, the author has become strongly interested in the subject of software agents (and related subjects). Other areas of interest of the author include Information Retrieval, Information Filtering, Artificial Intelligence, User Interfaces, and the Internet and World Wide Web in general (with particular interest for the human or ‘user’ aspects of these media).

The author maintains his own Web site, where links can be found to personal information, his end thesis about agents, as well as links to pages about personal hobbies (such as good food).


The author wishes to thank Steef Geenen, Hein Ragas and Milé Buurmeier for the feed-back and valuable comments they have given after reading draft versions of this paper. He also wishes to thank Cap Gemini for all the time that has been kindly provided by the company to work on this paper.

He would also like to thank all contributors to the Software Agents Mailing List, as well as Steve Talbott (editor of the Netfuture newsletter), for giving both inspiration as well as for delivering many pointers to useful and interesting information on the Internet.

1= It should be noted that the views as expressed in this paper do not express the views of Cap Gemini, but the personal views of the author.
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Chapter 7 - Information Sources "Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch" -
by Björn Hermans