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Ubiquitous Computing, Calm Technology and Augmented Reality each have their own merits. When combined together they can help realise "the empowerment of the user during human-computer interaction, as well as the embodiment of a sense of control" ([MCMU96]). 'Feeling in control' is a key concept in the context of the oncoming information society. People should be able to get the information they need (and deserve to get) in a convenient way. They should not feel intimidated or dominated by either the amount of information coming towards them, or by the technology (e.g. computers or computing devices) needed to get it.

Ubiquitous Computing and Calm Technology can help reach this goal by "alleviating techno-fear through careful consideration on the part that technology takes in the user's life" ([MCMU96]). When implementing UC, computers are present everywhere and in many every-day objects which are each limited to a specific task as it is not the aim of the product to be capable of performing a multitude of tasks;

"Rather, in an overall view, the product would be one of many, all fulfilling certain tasks in the users life. This goal of hundreds of computers could seem intimidating at first, but through careful design and considering the guidelines put forward under calm technology, these hundreds of computers will become invisible to common awareness. People will simply use them unconsciously to accomplish everyday tasks."

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Chapter 4 - An Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing, Calm Technology and Augmented Realities "Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch" -
by Björn Hermans