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Chapter 3 - From Internet to Online Market Place

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This chapter consists of the following sections:

3.1    Introduction
3.1.1    Choices, Co-ordination and Priorities
3.1.2    Information Push and Information Pull
3.1.3    Personalisation and Delegation
3.2    Agency: Taking Catalysing the Information Chain to the Next Stage
3.3    Information Brokering: The Information Chainís Missing Link?
3.3.1    Introduction
3.3.2    Intermediaries and Information Brokers
3.3.3    Towards a full-fledged, mature third stream
3.3.4    Issues related to (using) Brokers & some concluding remarks
3.4    The Rebirth of (Intelligent) Software Agents
3.5    The Enabling Groundwork
3.5.1    Introduction
3.5.2    Mobility and Ubiquity
3.5.3    New Information Vistas
3.5.4    Superdistribution and digital containers
3.6    Summary

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Chapter 3 - From Internet to Online Market Place "Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch" -
by Björn Hermans