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1.3Structure of The Paper

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To the Table of Contents of this paper Paper ToC

In chapter two of this paper, the current situation on the Internet and the (emerging) online market place will be looked at.
Chapter three is devoted to emerging and expected near-future developments in the online market place. Particular attention is given to the concept of Information Brokering.

Chapter four introduces three concepts which have been mentioned in chapter three, and which will be further elaborated on in chapter five, being Ubiquitous Computing, Calm Technology and Augmented Realities.
The fifth chapter of this paper looks at concepts that may possibly shape (developments of) the online market place in the medium- and long-term.

Chapter six will give some concluding remarks, after which an overview of the used literature, further reading, information about the author, and acknowledgements will be given in chapter seven.

It should be noted that this paper - especially the online version - is a ‘living document’, in that at least in the forthcoming months it will be updated regularly, and new content will be added to a number of sections (especially to chapter three). (The date on the title page indicates when this paper was last updated.)
Any feed-back, additions, corrections, or other remarks that you may have with regard to this paper, are warmly welcomed. Please, use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page to do so.

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