In the next chapter, the theoretical side of agents will be more deeply looked at: what are agents, what makes them different from other techniques and what is the functionality they (will) have to offer?
After having looked at agents in theory in chapter two, chapter three will give an idea of the kind of practical applications that agents and the agent technique are already being used in.
In chapter four a three layer model will be sketched, where the agent technique is combined with the functionality offered by the various Internet services. Together they can be used to come to a Internet that offers more functionality, is more surveyable, and has a cleaner logical structure than the current (two-layer) set-up.

The second part of this thesis, comprised by the chapters five and six, is entirely about past, present and future developments, prediction and expectations. The parties and factors that have, are, or will be influencing developments are looked at in more detail.

In chapter seven, the thesis will be concluded with concluding remarks and a look at the accuracy of the two statements of section 1.3.

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"Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet" - by Björn Hermans